Saturday, November 26, 2011

Quilling Envelops

Once again I made an envelop for my friends marriage, because plain envelop not looks so nice, so I decided do quilling on envelop, so friends how it is..........................

Friday, November 25, 2011

If I had Two Hours extra in a Day, would I spend it

             If I had Two Hours extra in a Day, would I spend it 

I wish that I would have 4 extra hours to spend as I like rather than 2 hours , there are a lot of things to do and you are always short of time .
First I will recharge myself by doing meditation for 10 minutes , now my mind and body are both relaxed and let me start doing some things that I always wanted to do.
Than I start my washing machine with Surf Excel Matic,when my small baby play in the ground  she come back from ground all the cloths become so dirty then, Iwould check whether my potted plants are in good shape or not , as , during my routine I hardly have time to look at them closely and then list out the things needed like organic feritizer , pesticides etc. wherever repotting is needed I would do that immediately .
I would open up the storages places that I use ---- like inside the sofa cum bed , in the dewan , in the bed , in kitchen and clean them and put the required naphthalene balls  and odonil to keep them moth free .
I would clean and rearrange my showcase and make a list of things needed in the house which are in need of repairs  like the bolt of the bedroom , chair etc.  and arrange to get them rectified by calling the carpenter / plumber etc.
I would call up my friends like hiral ,  chanda and others as per their availiability and arrange for a tea party to discuss issues like progress/problems  of children , society problems --- how to solve them , planning of future theme parties , arranging to make a new recipe with them , learning a few things collectively like flower making , designing of clothes etc which would depend on the available talents .
Try to do some business by selling bags and other items that I keep and trade in by visiting friends and prospective buyers .
Sit on the net and write on my blog on arts and craft . Also browse through the various art and craft sites to update myself on the various art and craft items . Also prepare some items of art and craft and upload them on my blog.
We have a care centre nearby where old men and women stay . those who are not cared by their children . I and chanda  try to visit them and talk with them so that they feel at home . I and chanda would visit them .
I would try to talk on phone with my sisters and friends at length to my satisfaction. Browse through various sites and places to plan my holidays . prepare for projects for my children by getting the data from the net and various objects required from the market .
And many more things that require my attention and are required to be done from time to time but could not be done during my routine.

I am writting for Indiblogger-Surf Excel Contest  If I had Two Hours extra in a Day, would I spend it,If you like please vote for me.

Anu Goel

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Woolen Cap with Knitting


So winter season is coming our little wants some woolen caps,sweater,socks etc.for my little kid I take pink and black combination  wool and made a small woolen cap you also try for your little kids.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gift Decoration with Quilling

There is so many type of Gift Decoration, but I decided to make a different type of Gift Tag for Birthday Packing with Quilling.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Quilling Photo Frame

Once again I tried a photo frame and given a gift to my brother on Bhaiduj. He liked it so much, that it inspired me to use different types of leaf and loose coils.