Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Coffee Mug with Warli

One of my friend done fine Art so I made from her a coffee mug with Glazing because we can reuse, but mug looking so plain, I done Warli on mug and gifted to dear friend..............

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pooja Thali Decoration

I decorate a puja thali for my friend's marriage, she want Ganesha in thali, so I decided to make Ganesha with small friends, want to eat Modak,My friend become so happy when she looks on plate, so what is your suggestion......  

Friday, January 13, 2012

Qulling Envelops

Just try Quilling in different way................

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Salad Decoration with Sprout Sandwich


we all try to eat good things , things which are good for health and it has always been an endeavour to have natural food .... but it has always been seen at the end of the day that we eat very less natural food and one of the primary reasons being that it is not so attractive to eat and here we come with a presentation of natural food , a salad and a sandwich , which would make people eat it .

Ingredients : carrot , raddish , boiled potato , boiled corn , cucumber , bread , butter , salt , Moong and green chana sprout , pavbhaji masala ,spring onion , capsicum , Peas , Onion , chilli , cabbage , clove , black pepper , small chunni , bindi and tomato .

Doll : made by boiled potato and boiled corn . Make the face with boiled potato , eyes with clove , small sliced carrot for nose and  bindi on forehead . Put the potato face on the corn and used the cover of corn and hair with shredding available in corn .

Chair : made with raddish . give shape using your imagination.

Umbrella :made with cabbage and carrot

Grass : Spring onion and cabbage.

Boat : made with cucumber and carrot and water with raddish shredding . This would be used for keeping chutney .

Lily flower : Spring Onion , capsicum and tomato .

Plant : Green chilli and carrot.

Sandwich : first , boil the sprouts , then put pavbhaji masala , salt and butter . stir for sometime, remove it from the gas stove then put small  pieces of onion and  tomato in it , mix them .
    Take bread slices and give them a circular shape using a small bowl then spread adequate butter on the slices .Now , put the above prepared sprout mix on the bread slice and put bhujiya on it . Top it with the other slice of bread . Make eyes with peas and mouth with carrot. So how it is................

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Qulling Envelops

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM Anu Goel to my nearest and dearest bloggers................