Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quilling Envelops with Flower

This is a flower In my flower series that you would be getting to watch every now and then . We have used tear drop shaped quills to get the figure . it has 3 tight coils in the petals at the centre . We should remember the size of the flower while positioning it on the envelope so that it looks presentable . 

Warli painting

Hi Friends,
Here I tried some different shapes of Warli --- dancing Warli , Warli with Dholak , Warli with Thali and garland, diya, Warli with Kalash on Head,you can also try to make warli painting, it is very easy if you are practicing it everyday.I have used Acrylic Colours from Hobby Ideas and black tinted paper.
How is it ? if you like the picture of warli please comment.................................................

Monday, March 28, 2011

Quilling Envelops with Specs

Hi Friends,
I just tried to make a small Specs goggle, with blue colour strips,and light purple strips,this is very easy to make. it is very unique and gives you the feeling of 3 D effect and someone looking out at you .it is colorful and hence you may call it a goggle . Especially useful during the summer and gives you a cool effect.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Warli in a ' farm '

In warli painting , you have very simple representation of the way we live our life . Here a village is depicted in a very simple way telling us about the various objects and activities in a village . If you observe carefully you would find the following in the picture
----- Huts with boundaries in front of them .
----- A well and villagers taking out water.
----- Various animals and birds loathing around in the village
-----  women dancing
----- some villagers making baskets
----- grazing of animals
-----  bonfire
----- various plants like coconuts etc.

Guess how much time will it take to make such a picture ?
yes , you were right -- should take around 2 hours .

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hand Embroidery On Bed Sheet

I received a gift from somebody and lo !  it was a bed sheet and I needed it badly since my present bed sheets had worn out and now , when i spread it over the bed it was a plain bedsheet although it was of good material of bombay dyeing but was too plain , but was pleasing to look at , it was light green in colour.

My maid servant ( our best supporter ) told me ' Didi , bahut plain hai : aap print kar do ' ( Madam , it is very plain :you print it ) . I had very little time at that moment and my inlaws were expected in a months time so I had to do it fast . I decided to do embroidery on it .it should fill up the bedsheet but should not take much time.

I went to the shop where they print the bedsheets before we start making the embroidery . I selected the design best suited to the room and would give a very good getup to the room .They did the printing and gave it in 2 days .meanwhile I checked my stock and took up all the threads , frame and  needle and kept them ready.

I used various stitches while making the embroidery like long and short ( bharwan kadhai) , chain stitch and  straight stitch . Using the various stitches , I made the various flowers , leaves , stems , buds etc using colors which made the design attractive .I made same design on Pillow covers.

Everyone appreciated the bed sheet . The getup had changed completely and it was very attractive now There were very favorable comments from in laws and some suggestions from my close friends . I always try to improve in the next design and also await your comments .

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lord Ganesha With World Cup

Hi Friends,
World cup fever is prevalent among the people around the globe .
Ganapati is waiting for his chance to play world cup final at Wankhede stadium , Mumbai .
He is ready with Bat Ball .Modak   ( A favourite sweet dish of Ganapati made of rice flour , quite famous in Maharashtra) for the team winning world cup and trophy is also ready .
you enjoy my Qulling (Lord Ganesha,Modak,Trophy,Bat and Ball).How it is  if you like my quelling please comment on my blog.

BEST OF LUCK TO OUR INDIAN TEAM FROM ALL OF US.........................................................................................

Monday, March 7, 2011


Hi Friends,
to all of you.


My experience at R Mall , Mumbai

Suddenly there was excitement when my phone rang and my friend told me that Women are being offered free movie tickets at a Multiplex Mall , R Mall , Mumbai which was very near to our house , say 5 min. and as the news spread we were already 10 who had decided to go there .

I took my daughter along with me and we reached there and the Mall was full of women . A lot of them from teens to believe me 80+ were at the venue . All hand in hand and with only one thing in their mind that they are ' women ' and the society has recognised them , they are realising our importance and are wooing us, respecting us and giving us back what we have done for the society . 

The movie was ' tanu weds manu ' and was good . The snacks were also priced at a lower end for the day and all the shows were full already .Mcdonalds gave balloons to all with ' happy womens day' written on it. It was evening show at 4:40 and we came back at 7:30.

With no mood to make dinner , We had more surprises . The women in the building go food from outside and we had it in the building garden . there were around 15 of us and the children joined us . We enjoyed the food .
The day was full of enjoyment with my family supporting me . i enjoyed the whole day , which was different and would be remembered by me throughout my life.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Warli painting (Rainy Festival)

Hi Friends,

I made this painting for my son's school, teacher had given us a theme - Rainy Festival on a Greeting card , hence I  decided to make a card on Warli painting.I have used White Fabric Colour, Tinted Paper and Plain paper. I have made two paper boats and stuck them in the Warli painting.

India has a wonderful and sweet traditional past. Moreover, the advises have been the backbone of Indian tradition for the past thousands of years.But the sad truth is that we are more aware and enthusiastic about the culture and tradition of other countries rather than ours.It is because of this surprising mindset that our cultural heritage is struggling for existence and survival. Warli painting to length and breath of India and to other countries of the world.

My dear friends if you like my Warli painting .please comment on my blog.