Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Warli painting (Rainy Festival)

Hi Friends,

I made this painting for my son's school, teacher had given us a theme - Rainy Festival on a Greeting card , hence I  decided to make a card on Warli painting.I have used White Fabric Colour, Tinted Paper and Plain paper. I have made two paper boats and stuck them in the Warli painting.

India has a wonderful and sweet traditional past. Moreover, the advises have been the backbone of Indian tradition for the past thousands of years.But the sad truth is that we are more aware and enthusiastic about the culture and tradition of other countries rather than ours.It is because of this surprising mindset that our cultural heritage is struggling for existence and survival. Warli painting to length and breath of India and to other countries of the world.

My dear friends if you like my Warli painting .please comment on my blog.