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Haldi Kumkum Plate

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

haldi Kumkum Dabbi

A colourful afternoon with BergerXP

A colourful afternoon with BergerXP

After quite a while I went to an Indie Blogger meet and it went just as I thought it would. I had to travel for 1 and a half hour to reach the grand hotel Vivanta by Taj. As soon as I reached with I could see a few recognizable faces, we then had lunch over there which was delicious. I loved the deserts over there, they were extraordinary. We then enjoyed clicking a few pictures and after that we proceeded to an amazing lecture by Berger about its wonderful paint.

Berger Paints-
·        They send trained professionals to paint our homes who are really polite and try to keep our comfort their priority.
·        The quality of the paint is beyond amazing, when you yourself use it you can experience the wonderful product.
·        They have all the modern tools required to complete a quality paint work like Sanding Machine, Multipurpose Mixer, Auto Roller, High- Pressure washer and Airless Paint Sprayer.

 Then was the most exciting part we played games the first one was musical chairs which is one of my favorite games, it was really fun. We then played games in groups, there was this amazing competition in which we had groups of nine and were given with two topics to choose from and paint about it together. We went for “I love Mumbai”, with some quality teamwork and a whole lot of fun we were able to make a beautiful painting. Surprisingly our group won and we all jumped in joy.

I would definitely try Berger next time I have to paint my house and I would love to attend another Indie Blogger meet soon. They are always awesome and I have so much fun.