Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hand Purse

Hello Friends,
This purse was gifted by me to my mother. my mother was very happy when she received this gift. She said how did you make such a nice purse. I explained it to her that  first you have to take a white rectangle plastic sheet with holes in the sheet.than take a plastic thread ( Skin and Brown Colour) this thread is easily available in the market.

Now , you can move the thread from one hole to the other making designs as per your liking and colors . A lot of thread goes in it .

You can make designs as per your choice after you complete this sheet you can give it for binding i.e. putting the zipp , closing it on the sides etc, so ??? what do you think about this purse !!! please comment .     

Crochet Hairband

Used Items-
White Wool
Rubber Band
I made this hair band for my daughter,it looks very nice on her hair.I used white wool .

Crochet Hand Purse

Here is an another piece of art i made it from silky thread and crystal beads ( red and white ) .
I had put beads in the thread and i made this small purse.

Crochet Hand Purse

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thali Decoration With Prasad

This was an idea i used at time of Ganapati( God ) pooja ( prayers) last year . We normally have a 10 day function in our society . We have pooja everyday at 9:00 pm night wherein we all society members get together and pray to ganapati with aartis( devotional songs ) for well being of all . We all individually make prasad and Keep it before the idol and then sing the devotional songs .

The prasad may be laddoo , sev bundi , fruit salad , pudde , gunjia , chana with nariyal , modak , burfi etc.  When the devotees keep the prasad before ganapati , the plates should be presentable . one should feel like eating just by looking at it . it should have grace . Afterall we try to make everything beautiful and presentable .
Here I have made ' suji ka halwa ' . Kept it in a glass bowl and then decorated it with ' elaichi dana ' to make a swastik design . This went down well with the members of the society . They also took the trend and started making different designs with fruits , ladoos etc.

Do let me know if you have also started doing this ....


Quilling Envelops with Ballons

My daughter wanted me to design an envelope for the birthday of her friend . She was giving cash as time was limited and we could not go to market to buy a gift . She told me that she wanted me to design balloons and i used quilling to design it with a ' tear ' and then thread with a ' tight coil ' . it was simple and made in minutes but made my daughter happy .

Quilling Envelops

Project (First Aid Box)

I made a First Aid Box for my daughter's school project .I have used a Waste Card Board Box.
All over the box I have put white tinted paper then I painted it with Red colour.
Inside the box I have put medicines, cotton and other thing that are used for emergency.
My daughter was very happy when I made this box, and teacher also liked this.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Crochet Hand Purse

Hand Purse made out of crochet . The basic design also contains wooden beads inbetween to give an excellent look to the purse . Strips of crochet were made first and then the strips were joined together with crochet and different colours of wooden beads in contrast of the color of crochet are embedded . The crochet thread is cotton thread..

Monday, April 4, 2011

Quilling Envelops with Diya

The concept is about " Starting something new " . When we start something new We light up a ' Diya ' . Whether it be a pooja , a new car , beginning of a day etc. It symbolises the festive spirit and is depicted here on an envelope that you can present someone with on the occasion. We have used different tear drop shapes and circles in the quilling art to achieve this figure of Diya .