Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thali Decoration With Prasad

This was an idea i used at time of Ganapati( God ) pooja ( prayers) last year . We normally have a 10 day function in our society . We have pooja everyday at 9:00 pm night wherein we all society members get together and pray to ganapati with aartis( devotional songs ) for well being of all . We all individually make prasad and Keep it before the idol and then sing the devotional songs .

The prasad may be laddoo , sev bundi , fruit salad , pudde , gunjia , chana with nariyal , modak , burfi etc.  When the devotees keep the prasad before ganapati , the plates should be presentable . one should feel like eating just by looking at it . it should have grace . Afterall we try to make everything beautiful and presentable .
Here I have made ' suji ka halwa ' . Kept it in a glass bowl and then decorated it with ' elaichi dana ' to make a swastik design . This went down well with the members of the society . They also took the trend and started making different designs with fruits , ladoos etc.

Do let me know if you have also started doing this ....


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