Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Decorative Coupons

Used Items:........................
White Fabric Colour, Tinted Paper, Cotton, glue

These coupons were used at a Society function . It was christmas time and the event had dinner served sumptuously . The system followed in most societies is that the members who pay for the dinner are given coupons and in turn the individuals who give coupons are given plates so that they can have the dinner. This is basically a check to see to it that only members who pay get to have the dinner.

Normally , you use square card paper pieces or plastic pieces for coupons . We made a deviation and used cardboard pieces designed in the shape of cap of Santaclaus and the individuals house number was mentioned on it.The coupons can be made as follows

  • Take the red tinted paper and cut it into the shape of the cap of santaclaus. 
  •  Use the white fabric color to make the white border at the bottom . This represents the white fur at the bottom border of the cap.
  • Now use some glue and put it at the top of the cap and take some cotton and place it on the glue . This would represent the top white fur of the cap.

The coupon in the design of santaclaus cap is ready for use . We can also use this concept by making diya on Diwali , candle on birthday , ballon on Holi festival modak during ganesh festival or football during football season.So try this idea in your functions.

Project ( Waterways)

Someone wanted a project and it was urgent . something good and presentable was to be made . it was to be submitted to a schoooool . The project was on waterways . Just two days back I had gone to esselworld and  We had taken a ferry from gorai to the otherside to reach esselworld. The ferry was very before my eyes and i decided to make it .

Used Items:.........
Thermocole, Tinted Paper, Card Board, Shrink PVC, Faber Castell Water Colour , clay, toothpick

  1. Take two thermocole pieces and shape them into a pentagon to make the top and bottom of the ferry.
  2. Bottom thermocole : cover the side with pink tinted paper . In the front put a motor and wheel ( made of thermocole) . Use inverted ' U " shaped cardboard, painted yellow, to make the seats . Put a yellow painted thermocole wall on the side. Make a door with cardboard - covered with tinted paper. 
  3. Top thermocole  : Cover it with stripes of colored tinted papers ad pink , blue and yellow . Make a hole and put a chimney on it . The chimney is made of black tinted paper. Make a flag of toothpick and red tinted paper and fix it on the top . Paste the top thermocole on the walls of bottom thermocole.
  4. Put shrink PVC on the front to make it look like glass in the front and the waterway is ready.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Quiilling With Lord Ganesha

Used Items  : Fine Liner,   Kundan,    glitter  And    Gift Box.

The art of Quilling can be used on a gift box . Here I have used quilling to make lord Ganesha at the centre of the Gift box . The process for quilling is as follows

Two loose coils , one big makes the stomach and one small makes the head .Six tear drops turned and make the ears , hands and legs as shown in the figure and one triangle to make the crown of the lord .One long tear drop to make the trunk of the lord .

Then you can use colorful fine liners to make the dots of various dimensions of dots on the side of the figure . Use Kundan to make the decorations for the head and two side corner .

So now you can decorate Ganesha on Marriage box, Sweet Box, Saree, Dress etc.......................................

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Warli painting (Night of Stars)

Warli art is an ancient Indian folk art tradition of painting. Indian paintings have been in the forefront for their superior creative and imaginative skills. The Warli art form has derived its name from a tribe in Maharashtra by the same name. Historians believe that the Warli tradition can be traced back to as far as the Neolithic period between 2,500 BC and 3,000 BC. It has since, traveled across borders and territories and today has a major international market.

The Warli paintings essentially depict the harvest season with social customs such as weddings and births. The Warli houses also see a pattern in decoration and designs. The Warli art has a special characteristic of representing the humble life of the Warli tribe. The use of colour is usually white against earthen colors. Interestingly, geometric designs are the dominant patterns in Warli paintings and dots and crooked lines make up the units of their composition. Warli art is known for its monochromatic depictions that express the folk life of socio-religious customs, imaginations and beliefs.

The technique to working on Warli art is as follows:

  • Choose a design.
  • Draw the required design on to the trace paper. Then copy the design onto the cloth or paper using a carbon sheet.
  • If it is a cloth, then use metallic colors and let it dry well. Iron on the reverse side of the cloth. If it is paper, then use poster colors.
  • Draw outlines using white colour and leave it to dry for 24 hours.
Contemporary Warli paintings have however branched out of the usual colors and have started using vibrant as well as rustic colors. Marriage is one of the most important themes in Warli art. Their marriage god, Palghat, birds, trees, men and women dancing in circles, various celebrations, etc are popular Warli depictions. Flora and fauna, musicians, agriculture, etc are some other paintings that are generic of Warli art. The modern Warli art comprises of abstract as well as more regular representation of objects such as bicycles, transistors, etc in corners of paintings.

Warli art uses some common colours and ingredients like henna, indigo, ochre, black, earthy mud and brick red. Warli paintings on paper have become a popular medium of art and are available across India. The small paintings are done on cloth pieces and paper but they look best as wall frames such as the Murals. India paintings have considered Warli art to be one of the most aesthetically appealing forms of art.

Engagement Ring Plate (Crystal Plate)

This thali plate is used as a presentation of ornaments / jewellery of the bride . The thali plate is made in a way as already described before . You just have to change the design a bit , which is self explanatory as depicted in the photos above .

The thali plate can also be used to make presentations of make-up kits for the bride , bangles of the bride and   you can use your imagination to suit your application and requirements of presentation.
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Engagement Thali Decoration (Crystal Plate)

Thali Decoration – Crystal Plate

Concept :  Presentation can be made by various means . We have tried to make a presentation to the groom of a watch , gold chain , gold coin and ring in a decorative thali  for engagement ceremony.

A mirror piece cut in a round shape 
Thick card board
Lace with moti ( coloured beads ) on it
Coloured moti (coloured beads with shape as shown in picture) of orange , yellow and red
Glass bowl
Kundan  ( typical bead available in market )
Small doll ( which opens up to have a plastic container as shown in photo )
Three small wooden pieces of size 1" x 1" x 0.5"

·       Take a mirror piece cut in a round shape – get it cut from the place you purchase the mirror – in a size that would suit you to keep all the things that you want to present.Here we have used a 10 sq in diameter  mirror.
·       Paste the thick cardboard at the base of the mirror so that it becomes sturdy and shatter proof when kept on the table .Now , stick the three wooden pieces at three ends of the cardboard so that they make a triangle and give stability to the plate when kept on a platform and also raise the plate to a certain height.
·       Paste the lace with moti around the mirror so that the sharp edges of the mirror get covered .
·       Place the glass bowl at the centre and paste it from the bottom on the mirror . Use a glue like fevi kwik  or similar one which can stick glass on glass . place the colored beads around the bowl in a sequence like we have placed yellow , orange and then red .one above the other so it look likes a sunflower. Make a swastika shape as shown in picture with the colored beads.In Swastika you put moti in flat shape, yellow orange red.
·       Stick Kundan beads at the edges of the bowl . Take the doll and put the gold coin (or ring as you like) in the plastic container and place the doll in the bowl along with the watch. 
·       Arrange the gold chain around the bowl .
·       Take the ring box , open the lid and place it neatly in the thali .

=== The thali looks excellent when the lights and reverse images come into action .
=== Take care to keep the thali in front of the groom . He will surely like the concept and the mirror will make people handle it carefully.
=== You can build up on the concept and present a lot of stuff like coins rings  and list is endless.
 === I think that you can decorate thali  for your sister's marriage.

=== If you have any order for Thali, than I can make and send to you.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thali Decoration

Hello Friends,

Here , I have decorated a nice plate for Ganpati festival using corn and food colours.
I made Besan Ke Laddu and kept them in a bowl then I decorated the thali on side of the bowl  with boiled corn.
 How to make corn : First boil the corn and keep it for some time to cool down then color them in two different colours using food colours ( these are available at the provision stores - here i have used synthetic food colors of liladhar food industries ) Keep the corn on the side of the bowl in such a way that it is very colorful and keep one color at a time so that there is no mixing of the colored corn's..
So how did you like it ? Pls. send me your valuable comment.My society friends liked it very much.
If you have any function in your society or marriage you can also decorate plate like I have done . It impresses the people and is different.