Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Decorative Coupons

Used Items:........................
White Fabric Colour, Tinted Paper, Cotton, glue

These coupons were used at a Society function . It was christmas time and the event had dinner served sumptuously . The system followed in most societies is that the members who pay for the dinner are given coupons and in turn the individuals who give coupons are given plates so that they can have the dinner. This is basically a check to see to it that only members who pay get to have the dinner.

Normally , you use square card paper pieces or plastic pieces for coupons . We made a deviation and used cardboard pieces designed in the shape of cap of Santaclaus and the individuals house number was mentioned on it.The coupons can be made as follows

  • Take the red tinted paper and cut it into the shape of the cap of santaclaus. 
  •  Use the white fabric color to make the white border at the bottom . This represents the white fur at the bottom border of the cap.
  • Now use some glue and put it at the top of the cap and take some cotton and place it on the glue . This would represent the top white fur of the cap.

The coupon in the design of santaclaus cap is ready for use . We can also use this concept by making diya on Diwali , candle on birthday , ballon on Holi festival modak during ganesh festival or football during football season.So try this idea in your functions.

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