Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Project ( Waterways)

Someone wanted a project and it was urgent . something good and presentable was to be made . it was to be submitted to a schoooool . The project was on waterways . Just two days back I had gone to esselworld and  We had taken a ferry from gorai to the otherside to reach esselworld. The ferry was very before my eyes and i decided to make it .

Used Items:.........
Thermocole, Tinted Paper, Card Board, Shrink PVC, Faber Castell Water Colour , clay, toothpick

  1. Take two thermocole pieces and shape them into a pentagon to make the top and bottom of the ferry.
  2. Bottom thermocole : cover the side with pink tinted paper . In the front put a motor and wheel ( made of thermocole) . Use inverted ' U " shaped cardboard, painted yellow, to make the seats . Put a yellow painted thermocole wall on the side. Make a door with cardboard - covered with tinted paper. 
  3. Top thermocole  : Cover it with stripes of colored tinted papers ad pink , blue and yellow . Make a hole and put a chimney on it . The chimney is made of black tinted paper. Make a flag of toothpick and red tinted paper and fix it on the top . Paste the top thermocole on the walls of bottom thermocole.
  4. Put shrink PVC on the front to make it look like glass in the front and the waterway is ready.

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