Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Engagement Thali Decoration (Crystal Plate)

Thali Decoration – Crystal Plate

Concept :  Presentation can be made by various means . We have tried to make a presentation to the groom of a watch , gold chain , gold coin and ring in a decorative thali  for engagement ceremony.

A mirror piece cut in a round shape 
Thick card board
Lace with moti ( coloured beads ) on it
Coloured moti (coloured beads with shape as shown in picture) of orange , yellow and red
Glass bowl
Kundan  ( typical bead available in market )
Small doll ( which opens up to have a plastic container as shown in photo )
Three small wooden pieces of size 1" x 1" x 0.5"

·       Take a mirror piece cut in a round shape – get it cut from the place you purchase the mirror – in a size that would suit you to keep all the things that you want to present.Here we have used a 10 sq in diameter  mirror.
·       Paste the thick cardboard at the base of the mirror so that it becomes sturdy and shatter proof when kept on the table .Now , stick the three wooden pieces at three ends of the cardboard so that they make a triangle and give stability to the plate when kept on a platform and also raise the plate to a certain height.
·       Paste the lace with moti around the mirror so that the sharp edges of the mirror get covered .
·       Place the glass bowl at the centre and paste it from the bottom on the mirror . Use a glue like fevi kwik  or similar one which can stick glass on glass . place the colored beads around the bowl in a sequence like we have placed yellow , orange and then red .one above the other so it look likes a sunflower. Make a swastika shape as shown in picture with the colored beads.In Swastika you put moti in flat shape, yellow orange red.
·       Stick Kundan beads at the edges of the bowl . Take the doll and put the gold coin (or ring as you like) in the plastic container and place the doll in the bowl along with the watch. 
·       Arrange the gold chain around the bowl .
·       Take the ring box , open the lid and place it neatly in the thali .

=== The thali looks excellent when the lights and reverse images come into action .
=== Take care to keep the thali in front of the groom . He will surely like the concept and the mirror will make people handle it carefully.
=== You can build up on the concept and present a lot of stuff like coins rings  and list is endless.
 === I think that you can decorate thali  for your sister's marriage.

=== If you have any order for Thali, than I can make and send to you.

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