Friday, February 11, 2011

Quiilling With Lord Ganesha

Used Items  : Fine Liner,   Kundan,    glitter  And    Gift Box.

The art of Quilling can be used on a gift box . Here I have used quilling to make lord Ganesha at the centre of the Gift box . The process for quilling is as follows

Two loose coils , one big makes the stomach and one small makes the head .Six tear drops turned and make the ears , hands and legs as shown in the figure and one triangle to make the crown of the lord .One long tear drop to make the trunk of the lord .

Then you can use colorful fine liners to make the dots of various dimensions of dots on the side of the figure . Use Kundan to make the decorations for the head and two side corner .

So now you can decorate Ganesha on Marriage box, Sweet Box, Saree, Dress etc.......................................

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  1. Manisha , Japan, Kobe

    Anu, this is fabulous work. I often get stuck while helping my 10 years old daughter for her school art & craft projects. Your blog is a blessing, a great resource indeed. Why are you giving all this advise for free? Do you sell these items or can people place orders with you? Did not get this info from your blog.
    Best wishes

  2. I love ganpati...this is so pretty :)