Monday, March 21, 2011

Hand Embroidery On Bed Sheet

I received a gift from somebody and lo !  it was a bed sheet and I needed it badly since my present bed sheets had worn out and now , when i spread it over the bed it was a plain bedsheet although it was of good material of bombay dyeing but was too plain , but was pleasing to look at , it was light green in colour.

My maid servant ( our best supporter ) told me ' Didi , bahut plain hai : aap print kar do ' ( Madam , it is very plain :you print it ) . I had very little time at that moment and my inlaws were expected in a months time so I had to do it fast . I decided to do embroidery on it .it should fill up the bedsheet but should not take much time.

I went to the shop where they print the bedsheets before we start making the embroidery . I selected the design best suited to the room and would give a very good getup to the room .They did the printing and gave it in 2 days .meanwhile I checked my stock and took up all the threads , frame and  needle and kept them ready.

I used various stitches while making the embroidery like long and short ( bharwan kadhai) , chain stitch and  straight stitch . Using the various stitches , I made the various flowers , leaves , stems , buds etc using colors which made the design attractive .I made same design on Pillow covers.

Everyone appreciated the bed sheet . The getup had changed completely and it was very attractive now There were very favorable comments from in laws and some suggestions from my close friends . I always try to improve in the next design and also await your comments .


  1. hey... can you tell me the name of the shop where i can find such printed bedsheets for wmbroidery

  2. Nice blog ! That info can really come handy for adding some elegance to your bed room.


  4. sorry I didn't get you............

  5. hi..Thats a very pretty design that you have embroidered on the bedsheet..I was wondering what shop prints design. It might be some shop very local to your place, but I wanted to find a place here in Bangalore too..

  6. Dear Anu,

    I want to place an order for hand embroided white beedsheet. Let me know how to go about it. My number is 9019160242 and email id is