Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Painting made out of Musk Melon Seeds

Painting made out of musk melon seeds

Take a wooden plywood piece and cover it with a black cloth.  Now take a small bowl ( circular in shape ) and make circles using a white pencil and the bowl at the required spots where you need to have the flowers. The Musk melon seeds ( MML ) are now placed around the circles . You need to place the MML in three layers .
The outer most seeds have to be placed first , then painted with the required colour like above you have blue , yellow , orange and red  colors painted to make the respective flowers . The outer layer carries the darkest shade , like , dark orange ,then the 2nd layer of MML is placed and painted with a bit lighter shade ,like medium orange and the innermost layer of MML carries the lightest shade like light orange .  
Inside the circle , you spread adhesive and then sprinkle the ajwain seeds over it . This would give the appearance of sunflower seeds in the centre .
You can stick MML in a line to make the stem of the sunflower and diagonally to make the leaves . After you stick the MML color them with green color . please note that you can use fabric paint for coloring the various shades on the MML . When your colour dry you put warnish on all the flowers and ajwain. You can put painting so many years.
You can frame it as you wish . here I have used a simple plastic sheet to cover the picture . you can use an aluminium frame with glass , or a plastic frame etc. Lovely isn’t it ?      

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