Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tirangi Mithai

Tirangi coconut Barfi

Ingredients :  

Coconut powder    :   200 gms.
Condensed Milk     :   200 ml.
Food colors             :   orange and green
Ghee                         :  half tea spoon
Procedure  :

Take coconut powder in a pan and then cook for 10 minutes and keep on mixing the powder while cooking . keep the cooked coconut powder aside after taking it out of the pan .now put ghee in the pan and heat it till it melts then put the coconut powder along with condensed milk in the pan  . mix them for 10 minutes on medium gas . The dough is now ready .

You can put different colors in the dough like here we have orange and green since we want to make a flag . you can also give different shapes to the dough as per your design. You can easily make different shapes or spread the coconut powder on the plate . The ‘ Tirangi coconut Barfi ‘ is ready to be served .

You can enjoy the sweet taste of the barfi along with the excellent display which makes you eat more of it . I want to give surprise my gust making a Tirangi Mithai. 

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