Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tremendous Fun with Chota Beem

       Tremendous Fun with Chota Beem
I always wait for Indiblogger meets because the arrangement and the way of presentation is always excellent……………

Flipkart and chota beem meet was also very nice after changing two trains I was there at 2pm. Sharp after having snacks and cold drinks with Mayuri Sujata and Tina my blogger friends… there was a nice Cartoon Character  Chota Beem with whom I clicked many pics and enjoyed very much .

Flipkart and chota beem management told us how to buy product online for your kids…..discussion on shopping toys online….my son is fond of buying different products from flipkart….and the best part is whenever there is a problem in the product which is very rare the flipkart executives immediately replace the product….there was a band which was really cool played pretty nyc songs though I was in a bit of hurry so I couldn’t be there for long…..aftr evry meet I eagerly wait for the next one….Waiting for the next meet #excited #waiting #indiblogger

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